Our Vision For Glenhill Capital

Our Vision For Glenhill Capital

Our Focus

Glenhill Capital is a multi-stage focused investor and an investment solution partner to our clients.

We are passionate about investing and providing solutions by offering a differentiated investment strategy by seeking unique partnerships with an understanding of how to translate an investment into growth and superior financial performance.

This merging of our professional and personal passions has formed the heart of an investment strategy that would translate into returns which are asymmetric. We are a global business, with a focus on Asia and Eastern Europe. Our offices in Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and Australia keeps us close to these markets and position us to capture attractive investment opportunities that emerge.

Our strong partnerships with local governments and large listed entities gives us the credibility with these key constituents and access to an extensive network. We further draw on experiences with our advisers who operate with the knowledge and vision of an industrial player. We see potential and develop strategic angles for businesses that others don’t, and use our credibility, insight and small team of decision-makers to move with speed and conviction in pursuit of new opportunities.

Fostering deep, long-lasting relationships with government, financial institutions, multinationals and investors is paramount, and we believe our commitment to meet their needs is one important reason many of them have seek Glenhill Capital with complex problems in need of a solution. We believe that this strong relationship have helped to create lasting value to our partners.

Our Ability To Grow Your Capital Above The Industry Average

Glenhill Capital’s Senior Advisor in Logistics, Dato Dr Mohamed Amin Kassim, was previously a prominent management figure in Century Logistics Berhad where upon taking the company public on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Bursa Malaysia) in 2001, he grew the company by leaps and bounds both into new value adding businesses both locally and internationally. As a result, the revenue grew from RM11 million in 1995 to nearly RM300 million in 2014. His return to shareholder’s investment capital is above 20% a year until the date of his retirement in 2014.

Business growth and profitability improvements has been hallmark of Datuk Mohamed Azahari Kamil (Senior Advisor), who had successfully turned around Asian Finance Bank Berhad’s Return on Equity from a negative position to positive and also was able to produce savings in overheads by 10% every year. Also, he founded his Fund Management firm at the age of 35 with asset under management of RM2 million and grew it to RM8 billion as AmanahRaya-JMF Asset Management and successfully listed Amanahraya REIT on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of RM700 million.

The Investment and Management team have collectively been involved in various successful investments and ventures such as:

  • Collectively managed more than RM250 million in Private Equity funds;
  • Owner and operater of Sabah’s largest stevedoring company;
  • Successfully led the entry and exit of an Oil & Gas related Transportation company with a return on investment (“ROI”) of 34% a year;
  • Successful exit of a consumer and manufacturing company with a ROI of over 20% a year;
  • Improved profitability and productivity for Sabah Port’s stevedoring operation by turning Kota Kinabalu port into Sabah’s best performing port and turned around Sandakan port from loss-making to profitability;
  • Involvement in several multiple billion dollar Initial Public Offering exercises such as IHH Healthcare Berhad, Gas Malaysia Berhad and Felda Global Ventures Berhad;
  • Successfully acquired a company via a Leverage Buyout in a deal worth RM110 million.

Therefore, with the collective skills, experiences and expertise of all of the team members, Glenhill Capital is confident of delivering high returns to our investor’s capital.